diumenge, 7 de febrer de 2016

Teams 2016

- Teen Time Gone: Produced by Habemus Corpus
             Residency l'Estruch, Sabadell, Barcelona.
             Premiere 2nd September, Sala Nau Ivanow, Barcelona
             Direction and Choreography: Miquel G. Font
             Music: L.V. Beethoven
             Dancers: Emmanuel Dobby, Olga Lladó, Georgina Avilés, Antonio Izquierdo
             Guest Actor: Aleix Melé
- To whom it may concern: Produced by Miami City Ballet, USA.
             Premiere: Staatstheater Dortmundt, Germany
             Choreography: Miquel G. Font
             Music: F. Schubert
             Dancer: Rainer Krenstetter
- Tempo [no] Tempo:  Produced by HC and Die Kulturaktivisten, Stuttgart, Germany
  With the support of: Stuttgart Stadt and Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Suttgart       
             Premiere: Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Germany
             Direction and Choreography: Miquel G. Font
             Music: I. Stravisnky
             Dancers: Mireia González, Emilie Assayag, Veronica Braccacini, Emmanuel Dobby
             Pianists: Domingos Costa, Yseult Jost

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