dijous, 1 de gener de 2015

Teams 2015

- Anywhere: Produced by Habemus Corpus
             Celebration of the 5th aniversary of HC.
             Dancers: Emmanuel Dobby, Miquel G. Font
- Ecumenicam Witness: Produced by HC and Communauté de Taizé, France.
             Hommage to Frère Roger de taizé, France.
             Directed, and realized by Miquel G. Font and Toni Guillemat
- Parla'm d'Arenys: Produced by HC and Firadansarenys, Spain.
             Hommage to the village of Arenys de Mar, Barcelona.
             Direction: Miquel G. Font
             Dancers: Olga Lladó, Emmanuel Dobby 
- The Thin Lie: Original Sound Track creation for Ballet Basel, Switzerland.
             Choreographer: Ruochen Wang
- 0'1234 (Full evening): Produced by HC and Teatre Principal d'Arenys de Mar, Spain.
             Residency in Alte Rumfabrik, Basel, Switzerland.
             Residency l'Estruch, Sabadell, Barcelona
             Direction, Choreography and music: Miquel G. Font
             Dancers: Daphne van Dooren, Maya Gómez, Emmanuel Dobby, Miquel G. Font

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